Assessments Are An Important Precursor to Home Health Services in Beckenham

Perhaps you have been considering getting home health services in Beckenham for a person who lives in the area, but are still feeling a little uncertain about whether or not that is the right route to take. In many cases, well-intentioned loved ones end up delaying getting assistance for too long, because they are concerned about compromising a loved one’s right to dignity and independence. Fortunately, there are two types of professional assessments that can offer helpful insight as you make this important decision.

Residential Assessments

Many people don’t realise just how dangerous some areas of the home can be until accidents happen. Even if you are not sure now is the right time to hire someone to provide home health services in Beckenham, it’s still a good idea to request that a professional do an assessment of a person’s home. The information gained could determine if a living environment has certain characteristics that could make accidents more likely to happen.

Steep staircases and uneven walkways are two things that can be potentially hazardous, but things like cabinets that require a person to reach up to a very high level in order to gain access can also cause problems by compromising a person’s sense of balance.

Personal Care Assessments

The decision to get home health services in Beckenham is often solidified after an individual undergoes a personal care assessment. During one of those evaluations, it may be discovered that a person can do some tasks of daily living without trouble, but has difficulty with certain things, such as bathing.

If you are curious about how home health services in Beckenham could help someone you love, contact Kentish Homecare now. We have been providing assistance to clients in the area for more than two decades. Whether you request an assessment like those listed above, or just want to know more about what we provide, let us answer your questions now.

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