Assessing Your Home for Risks before Bringing Home an Elderly Relative

When an elderly loved one undergoes a surgery or needs time to recover from a fall, you may consider bringing that person into your home. The recovery period for some people is very short, but others can take months to fully recover, especially if their recovery becomes derailed by illness. If you agree to help an elderly loved one during the recovery period, you may want to consider home health care in Bromley from Kentish Homecare. This service can provide additional support and help you assess the current condition of your home to determine if you have a safe environment for an elderly loved one.

Safety Is Important for Recovery

Unless your loved one is bed ridden, it’s safe to assume they will try to use the bathroom, get food, and do other daily things on their own. While you may need to provide personal support at first, as they grow stronger they will begin to attempt things on their own. You have to ensure that that environment you provide is safe. How do you assess your home for potential dangers? You can hire a professional from home health care in Bromley to conduct a professional assessment and make recommendations. Just like preparing for a new baby, you need to look around your home and determine if there are any fall hazards and possibly rearrange furniture so that it’s easier to move around in the event your loved one needs a walker or wheelchair.

Professional Caregivers Have Experience

One reason you should allow a professional from home health care in Bromley to assess your home is that they have experience getting places ready for recovering patients. Kentish Homecare nurses and assistants have experienced all sorts of things from patients, including things that work and don’t work when living with someone who is recovering. They may be able to recommend things you didn’t even think of, and make suggestions for things that aren’t easily changed but could be modified to be made easier or safer. By working together as a team, you ensure that your loved one is safe while regaining their health.

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