As Needed Personal Care Services from Kentish Homecare

Kentish Homecare agency is a home health care company that specialises in providing personal nursing care, respite care, housekeeping services, and more for both chronically ill individuals and elderly patients. Our company also offers as-needed personal care services so that our clients can get the assistance they need without committing to long-term care. Whether you need temporary meal preparation or want a break from your caretaking responsibilities, we can provide a professional caretaker who will meet your needs and ensure you enjoy working with Kentish Homecare agency.

Temporary Care for Recovery

When you undergo a major surgery or suffer from a chronic illness that flares and subsides, you may need temporary care while you recover. If you’re an independent person who lives alone, our professionals can provide you with personal care services that include bathing, eating, medication distribution, and even scheduling your doctor appointments. Our goal at Kentish Homecare agency is to help you maintain your independence but provide help where needed. Studies show that a strong support system can help a person recover faster than someone who struggles alone.
Housekeeping, Meal Preparation, and Pet Care

Sometimes when you’re recovering, you need someone who can pick up the slack when it comes to daily tasks. We offer a team of people who will be happy to help you with basic housekeeping tasks, preparing meals, and providing general care for a cat or dog. You don’t have to worry that your house will become dirty or your pet will be neglected. We will take care of everything so that you can focus on your recovery and health.

The best part of our services is that we provide them on an as-needed basis. You never have to agree to long term care or sign any contracts that commit you to a certain length of care. Kentish Homecare agency serves the Bromley area and strives to meet the needs of all patients. We can work directly for you as you recover, or your loved one can set up a schedule with us to provide as-needed care.

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