Arranging Personal Affair Services for Patients with Memory Loss

As a person ages, signs of extreme memory loss may become apparent. If you have a loved one who frequently forgets where they are, doesn’t recognise certain people, or starts a task and abruptly forgets about it, they could be dealing with Alzheimer or dementia. When this happens, it’s time to begin focusing on their quality of life. One area that can become distorted is elderly personal affairs like paying bills, balancing a chequebook, and managing appointments. Seniors with memory problems may forget if they paid their bills, may pay the wrong bills, and can miss important doctor appointments or medications because they forgot. Families can help a loved one manage this time in their life by hiring an agency like Kentish Homecare to provide elderly personal affairs service.

Confidential, Personal Service

At Kentish Homecare, we pride ourselves on offering confidential elderly personal affair services. You can entrust your loved one’s personal information with us, and we will ensure that all of your loved one’s bills are paid on time and to the correct agency. We can even manage online billing. This is a great solution for families who live far apart but want the best care for their loved one. Our professionals know how to communicate with people suffering from memory loss, and we’ll use the proper methods and techniques to ensure that your loved one understands how we’re managing their affairs.

Appointment Scheduling for Medical Care

Another component of Kentish Homecare’s elderly personal affairs service is to assist your loved one with appointments. Memory loss can cause your loved one to forget about doctors’ appointments or forget to write down the appointments. This can delay medical care, and if doctor’s office doesn’t check in with the patients who miss appointments, your loved one could go without needed medical care for long periods of time. With Kentish Homecare service, you never have to worry about your loved one becoming sick due to a lack of medical care. Let us help you with our personalised elderly care services.

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