Advice for hiring caregivers

When a loved one begins to age, it can be difficult to empathise with them as they begin to lose their independence slightly.

  • Take your time- unless you’re incredibly lucky, the perfect caregiver isn’t going to be the first one you meet. Although you may be feeling rather desperate and keen to hire someone, so your loved one can begin receiving a high quality of care as soon as possible, it’s important to be thorough when researching different carer options, and to take your time to get to properly know each carer. Perhaps do a trial week with each so you and your loved one get a good idea of how the care will pan out in the future?
  • Stay involved – although you may not be able to constantly drop in to see how your loved one is doing, it’s important to still be a factor in their care. You could still provide care and companionship one day of the week, perhaps, or at least frequently ask your loved one how things are going with the caregiver.
  • Get insight – ask family and friends if they have any recommendations for caregivers, look for message boards on the internet, or ask for your loved one’s opinion on what they want in a carer – it’s no good you organising a comprehensive 24-hour care solution when all your loved one needs is some help with going to the shops.

If you live in the Bromley and Beckenham area, why not contact Kentish Homecare for all of your care needs? With a range of comprehensive services, and a team of staff who are dedicated to providing care that meets your needs, we can’t see why you’d want to look elsewhere.

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