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At Kentish Homecare we value the relationship that develops between our staff and our clients and so we wanted to provide an opportunity to bring everyone together. The intention of this News & Information Page is to provide a space where we can provide you with relevant news and information and also to introduce you to our team.  It is also an area where where your views and feedback can be shared. If you would like to send us a personal anecdote or a photo of you and your carer to place on our site we would be thrilled to hear from you. Just send us an email to mail@kentishhomecare.co.uk

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  1. Hello there, Are you going to be publishing a follow up piece? My husband and me have squandered some time browsing over your web page and surprisingly sufficient you touched on some thing we had been discussing only the other week with our accountant. We frequently notice ourselves quarrelling over the smallest of problems, isn’t it childish? At any rate we wish you best wishes from the Usa.

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