Activities For The Elderly

Summer activities for elderly patients

Now that the summer sun is out, you might be eager to make the most of it, but fear that an elderly patient under our care – or yours – wouldn’t be able to join in. However, fun in the sun can meaningfully benefit old people – provided that you take sensible precautions.
Here are some examples of enjoyable and safe summer activities for the elderly.

Watching the sunrise or sunset

Even for younger people, it can be easy to underestimate the aesthetically stunning effect of a sunrise or sunset – especially during summer, when utterly beautiful colours can emerge.
Of course, to see a sunset, you and your relative would need to wake up particularly early – and this would also save them from extreme temperatures that can cause dehydration, to which the elderly are especially vulnerable.

Relaxing or exercising in a swimming pool

Staying on the subject of keeping cool, your relative can also effectively do that in a swimming pool. Check that the public pool in their area offers swim times especially for the elderly.
Your relative might be physically capable of taking part in water aerobics classes. These might be held at the local pool – and help your loved one increase their heart rate while easing pain which they may regularly experience in their joints.

Taking a stroll in the morning or evening

Your relative could get a much-needed emotional lift from walking in the sunshine. Even if they often struggle to walk, taking that trip in a wheelchair could be nearly as beneficial for them.
However, you should avoid taking them on walks at midday, when temperatures for the day would be at their highest. Instead, stick to mornings and evenings, when the climate would be cooler, but the patient could still get some healthy vitamin D. Don’t forget a hat and sunscreen for everyone.

Actually, it can be easy being green

If your loved one used to spend a lot of time gardening, they may recently have had to hold off due to their decreased mobility. If this is indeed the case, you could take that garden to them instead.
They could pot plants and advise other, less experienced gardeners. Meanwhile, abundant newspaper coverings beforehand and a bit of vacuuming afterwards can help you deal with mess that they might make along the way.

If you struggle to care for the elderly while they are in the home, we at Kentish Homecare can step in; call us on 0208 658 4455 to learn how.

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