Housekeeping services in Beckenham

Housekeeping services in Beckenham

Looking for housekeeping services in Beckenham or Bromley? Kentish Homecare may be able to offer you a solution.

A helping hand
We cater for the elderly, the ill or injured, or those who have recently left hospital. One of the many, many services we offer is housekeeping.

Kentish Homecare believe that maintaining independence is just as important as providing the care that someone needs. That’s why, when it comes down to housekeeping, we don’t rid you of all the responsibilities you previously had, we aim to help relieve some of the stress that everyday tasks can cause.

The feeling of being home after a recent hospital stay is one of relief. But housekeeping duties will quickly pile up if they aren’t kept on top of for whatever reason. If you’re simply in recovery, struggle to get around, or have a more chronic condition, we can help you with everything from regular cleaning to daily errands.

The most basic tasks can quickly turn into the hardest when you’re feeling vulnerable. Making the bed, washing the dishes, and sweeping/dusting can quickly become near-impossible. You can create a personal care plan which covers all of these areas if need be. If you’re under 24-hour care, your personal carer will not only take care of your personal needs, but will also help out with these tasks.

Every home needs a deep clean now and again. No matter what sort of plan you’re on, our staff can provide any extra cleaning services you may need. Our staff can clean bathrooms, wash bed sheets, and vacuum, amongst other services. When creating your plan, you can advice us as to what would be best for you. This may be extra beneficial for health reasons relating to people who have just left hospital.

Personal affairs
Kentish Homecare can help with more than just housework, however. Our caregivers can help you with bill payments and collections, also. We can set up a schedule to pay your bills for you, and to collect any pension or other monies owed to you each month. If you prefer to work online, our staff can manage those, and ensure that you have all necessary receipts and records. You can also work with your caregiver; they will sit with you to ensure that all bills are paid correctly.

Besides basic necessities, our caregivers can also help out with the entertainment side of things.  When it comes to shopping, your carer can either assist you, or perform the full trip for you. This ensures that you never miss buying a gift for a special occasion, etc.  Our caregivers can also accompany you to the cinemas, somewhere to eat, or any other area of leisure.

For a full list of our services, click here.

At Kentish Homecare, we aim for a balance of high quality care and maintaining the client’s independence. With over 25 years experience in the industry, and each member of staff being friendly, professional, and reliable, you can count on us.

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