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Pets Care Services from Kentish Homecare

The UK is a nation of pet lovers. Dogs, cats, birds, fish and other animals are found in many homes. The benefits of owning pets have long been felt by those who have them. Research has confirmed the advantages of having animal companions. Among the elderly, pets have been found to aid them in living longer lives. Dogs and cats, in particular, are known to provide health benefits for those who live with them. Yet, what happens when sickness strikes the elderly owner? What occurs when caring for pets is not longer a pleasure but a burden?

Staying at Home

The trend towards the elderly staying in their home is continuing to rise. At Kentish Homecare, we recognize the need to encourage this trend so as long as the quality of life does not suffer. The same applies to enjoying pets. Yet, when someone becomes ill – even for a brief period of time, caring for pets can become difficult. While some people may say the pet should be removed from the home for the good of all, this is not the best solution. Care providers in our facilities at Kentish Homecare understand that taking a beloved pet away will only increase the stress an elderly and sick person is under.


While it is possible a family member or close friend or neighbour can undertake the care of the animal, this may not always be feasible. Time, energy, effort and even the type of pet may not allow this arrangement for caring for pets. Some may suggest sending the animal off to a kennel until such time as the elderly person is capable of taking care of the animal on his or her own. In extreme cases, some people have actually suggested turning the animal over to a shelter for adoption or for more extreme measures to be taken.

These are not the best route to take. Separating two who have bonded may actually increase the health risks to the elderly person. If someone is already frail and/or physically and mentally fragile, the last thing you want to do is to take away a companion. This removes someone they can talk to; someone who provides unconditional love; someone who is always there no matter how they feel. In addition, the physical contact between pet and person actually does reduce stress.

A Solution: Let Kentish Homecare Undertake Caring for Pets

Another solution is to hire a care giver provider who will undertake two jobs: the care of the elderly individual and the care of the pet. In many instances, this is the ideal resolution to a sticky problem. It allows both the elderly person and the pet to continue to stay where they are. Such arrangement means both affected parties are taken care of with dignity. If you or someone you care about is in this situation, consider hiring people who really care. At Kentish Homecare we will gladly include the caring for pets in our job description. Whether the elderly individual has fish to feed, cats to brush or dog to walk, our caregivers are the right ones. We will do all this and more to ensure all members of the household remain together during a trying time.


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